Big Problem Big Problem

23 Sep

alot of “big problem” happening around mi.. hear le also disheartening.. but things happened le, we also cant change anything. only thing is wait for the verdict and hope nothing happened to them..

problem aside.. have a break..


獻上 劉德華 – 人生捕手




next month 23th is my 1st class 2B TP, hopefully i can pass the 1st time.. but even if pass, there will be another problem.. whether to buy or not buy a bike.. Until now no one really supported mi.. i also know the danger of riding bike, but to mi taking public transport is a even bigger “NO NO”.. depressed..


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2 responses to “Big Problem Big Problem

  1. alicia

    September 25, 2008 at 01:16

    haha ur latest update very like those Jack Neo movie stories..turn over a new leaf after much self-destruction..lols..that Andy Lau video..HAHAHA..

    anyway gd luck for ur bike TP!!! i hope to pass mine week nia.. -_-”’

  2. alicia

    September 25, 2008 at 01:19

    ok and abt buying the bike rite..after a poly fren passed away due to bike quite against the idea of u buying a bike.. *choy* not cursing u but just that life is really is short so must treasure ma..

    overall, it’s ur choice la..i would agree strongly if u save up more to buy a car lor!!! very “unfriendly” wor..cannot give ALL of us a ride..


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