BORING sunday again

28 Sep

make thing worst, today i have to replace a colleague and work.. actually there is no diff, i will be rotting at home anyway.. so must well do a good deed.. 俗語說的好﹐我不入地獄誰入地獄。阿彌陀佛﹗

yesterday night i have a weird dream.. dreamt that i am driving my dream car, beside mi sitting a very gorgeous lady (but i cant see how her face look like). driving along a very long straight road. suddenly, there are road block infront. but not traffic police, they are robbers armed with shotguns, rifle, machine guns.. i choose not to stop and dash thru.. the robbers chase after us.. but i manage to lose them..  after that we reach a small hut, i park the car beside a tree and we went in the hut to rest.. in the hut, soft soothing music was played, dim lighting, with the lady n mi only. what is going to happened next?





My Dream Car







my mummy came in and wake mi up.. duh.. ok gtg work le..


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