一肚子氣 (本故事纯属虚构,如有雷同,纯属巧合)

06 Oct


long long time ago, there was one morning when serviceman ah boy report to work in proper PT (physical training) attire. By right, Millitary regulars are suppose to wear only their uniform to work. Unless on special occasion like, day when they are having IPPT.

this morning ah boy report to work in PT attire, due to his set of uniform was left in the section. he was thinking that he quickly go into changing room and change then everything will be ok, no one will find out. but least did he expect that his “boss” just nice saw him walking up to the section.

Boss called out : ” MR ah boy! ”

Hearing his boss call him, ah boy replied  : ”  Yes Sir! ”

and walking out to face his boss wondering what happened.


ah boy : ” cos friday i nv bring back my uniform and left them at the section ”

Boss : ” WHY? sat and sun u dunno how to come back and take home? ”

ah boy : ” Sorry Sir ”

den the boss continue to nag nag nag. after all these nagging, ah boy went to change to his uniform. Weeks have passed, things seems to be over already.

But recently, the boss keep bring this issue out during their start of day brief ( every morning there is a morning briefing where everyone gather to listen ). this really demoralize ah boy. he is not the best serviceman in the section but he dare to say he is one of those that at least put in 80% of effort when carrying out his duty.

thing is he really did commit a violation in reporting to work in PT attire. he accepted his reprimand from his boss the very first time, but for the subsequent time when his boss keep taking it out to say during the morning briefing. he dun think it is necessary and to some extend he felt his boss is “aiming” at him. Feeling demoralize and some anger building up in him, he still tolerated cos end of the day this is his job and that is his boss. nothing much can be done.

what make thing boil up even more is most recently, his boss during the morning briefing again bring up this matter plus a few other violation of work order. it went this way,

Boss : ” i wan to again re-emphasis on the discipline of the section. recently so many cases of violation of orders, ppl doing thing on their own accord. nowaday, this cases happened cause by those young punk. i did mention before on the 3cases happened to our serviceman, do u all still remember? ”

( ah boy obviously is one of those that he mention. when ah boy heard this sentence, his heart went down again. he is labeled as young punk. you may think its nothing but to him its a insult. of all the effort and hard work he put into contributing to the section he is labeled as young punk. haiz.. )

Boss continued : ” ah du, can u please brief the other what are the 3 incident? ” (ah du is one of those serviceman that commited some mistake.)

ah du : ” bla bla bla ( talk about his case and the other one ) ”

Boss : ” ok so you all understand the mistake they commited already? you all must understand … bla bla bla.. ok for the last case, ah boy, you wan to brief the other ppl? ”

ah boy : ” ok sir. about my case right? ”

Boss : ” no no.. no need say name.. just brief on the case can already.. our section dun mention name.. ”

( @!@$%.. he appointed ah boy to say.. its very obvious it pointing the finger at ah boy already.. but he still say those “no no.. no need say name.. just brief on the case can already.. our section dun mention name.. “)

ah boy thinking in his mind : ” what the hell! what u trying to prove? ya.. dun need mention name, cos u already point the finger at me to brief on this case which i am lead actor already. call mi young punk, now play me. ”

MORALE of the story : wan to do what also can, just dun get caught. when get caught, just accept whatever happened. even if 一肚子氣 also no choice..

once again. (本故事纯属虚构,如有雷同,纯属巧合)

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