LIfe is so fragile

26 Jun

Before reading lets be silent for 1minute for Michael Jackson….

Just yesterday alone, singapore has confirm 95cases of swine flu. and i would not be surprise if there are death cause by H1N1 in singapore. In every country, it seems the flu is getting more n more serious and not better..

Even now in my workplace, we have to divide into 2teams. Just incase on person is infected, at least only one team is quarantine. there will still be another team left to man the office. But what if there are ppl from both team being infected? maybe we just close shop for a week? kind of stupid way to prevent swine flu. but its still better than not doing anything.

michael jackson died today. one so famous, rich that he can have whatever he wanted.. except health.. Poof.. in a blink of eye, the death god have claim our king of pop away just like that.. Life is really so fragile..

we would not know when we will be infected with the swine flu, or bird flu.. we would not know when our heart will give us some problem and we just collapse.. everyday we take, is one day closer to our death.. so since we know we will die eventually.. Why do ppl still work so hard, play with politics to climb up the company? earn so much money? buy branded stuff? after we die these stuff will not follow us..

why not just earn enough without working that hard? enjoy the every single secs of our lifes. with the nature, friends, family, and love one. treasure the bonds that we have.. Or learn new knowledge, skills. you never know maybe you will be building your own coffin one day. these stuff will be in you, you do not need to fear anyone or anything can take them away from you..

Rest In Peace Legend!

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One response to “LIfe is so fragile

  1. er

    July 9, 2009 at 14:05

    earn le money, buy le branded will feel SONG AT THE MOMENT. so will kinda si er wu han. Hahaha!


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