will u keep quiet when u are being treated unfairly?

20 Jan

early morning being accuse of being culprit for not helping ‘them’ hit target.. do anything but accuse mi.. i will go into berserk mode.. and in the 1st place i am not in any fault.. i did my job.. error is not in me.. and ‘they” will confirm also no error. den who to blame? why sld i be held back after work to settle the shit..

i politely request that i will help to hit the target by my next working day but it was rejected!! i work a f****** long 15hours already, mentally n physically i am tired already, u all wan to do anything to mi at least be humane enough to leave it to my next working day?

i wanted to talk face to face to the ‘boss’ but he not around so i ‘bark’ around the whole office to everyone but what the use? they prolly see mi as a shag dog barking around to catch attention.

in the end of the day ‘they’ will still win no matter how i rant. error still is in mi, shit still have to be clean up by mi. so will u keep quiet if u are treated unfairly?

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One response to “will u keep quiet when u are being treated unfairly?

  1. Concerned Bro

    January 25, 2010 at 00:57

    What you have typed is true, becos u are working in a “full of rules & regulations” company. Wat can u really do? I mean u have “seniors & superiors” who needs ur respect becos of their seniority. If u have stand out to voice it out, have u ever tot of wat ur life will become in ur long carreer? They might just torture u thru-out the day u are qualiflied to tender ur resignation letter. I think its time for u to be who u are! Stop hiding in ur shell anymore! Dun be a too low profile guy, u might just get eaten up! Tis is how i feel… I have read ur “human beings” tags too, it seems like u have alot of unfairness for u in the world. Have u ever tot of looking at it in a different propects? I mean the brighter side… Or just be a happy go lucky person, it makes ur day simplier! : )


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