most fulfilling weekend

08 Mar

finally took one big step forward to fulfilling my life biggest dream. ever since i sign on till now my life is meaningless. this weekend is tiring but life start to brighten up. i always look up to those who succeed in life by doing things they have passion in. and i truely believe that if u want to succeed in life the only way is to pursue ur passion.

monetary is an important issue but one should not work blindly to gain it, while on the other hand lose the meaning of life. i believe that on the path to pursue one’s passion and truely achieving it, monetary issue would never become an issue that you need to be worried for.

recently i ask one person, “why do you work?”

the reply i get was, “of cos its earning money! otherwise why would i want to work.”

and i believe alot ppl also think this way. at one point of life i also think this way. until i met one person who enlighten me about life, passion, etc. it is then i realise i need to step out my current comfort zone to pursue my passion and not to waste my life anymore.

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One response to “most fulfilling weekend

  1. er

    April 3, 2010 at 22:52

    monetary is a “movement” to work, passion etc are the “motivation”.

    anyways. monetary oso impt, but oso wanna get recognised too tat kind.

    cheer up!!


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