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Path ahead is misty and dark.
Uncertain how things might turn out.
Should I blindly follow my instinct,
Or perhaps stick to my routine.
A normal man is who I am,
But is a normal life what I want?
Make me ponder many night,
Causing many sleepless night.

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new haircut

New hair cut!

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boring night

Gina, Lily and Sharon were classmate. After class, they went to the science lab to play. In midst of playing, someone accidentally knock over an bottle causing some unknown chemical to leak out. Frantically, they put back the bottle and left, assuming the chemical would dry up.

Little did they know, the chemical started to react and start to burn up. Not long after, the science lab was burning furiously. Fortunately, the fire was contained after the fire engine arrived.

Next day, the head principal summon the 3girls into the office to question them. They admit they went into the science lab however, none admit to causing the fire. In the end, the principal have no choice but to punish all three of them by expelling them out of the school.

From the above case study, what can we observe?

1) One would lie to protect one’s reputation even if they have to be punish.

Its sure tat one of them knock over the chemical causing the fire. However, she did not own up and cause all including herself to be punish. Why would the particular person acted this way?

2) Instead of finding out the real reason behind why the girls would go in the science lab, the principal 1st action is to locate who is at fault.

When mistake is committed, one would naturally try to question who is at fault. Very small group of people would question what is at fault. By pointing out who is at fault is easy, punishing is also easy. However, it would not stop the situation from happening again as the root problem still exist.

3) Indeed, one among the 3 created the problem. However, is it necessary for the principal to expel all 3 of them from school. Isn’t abit too harsh?

Food for thought..
Boring night..
Emo guy

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8 March 2011

Anyone interested in finishing this bottle with me? look cool despite the flavor might seem intimidating. Spiced Coffee and Almond Flavored.

“ABSOLUT WATKINS is a truly innovative new flavor; rich, smooth and sensual in taste and aroma with the distinct, mysteriously luxurious qualities of freshly ground coffee with notes of almond, caramel and warm chilli.

The extravagant and glamorous decor of the unique limited edition ABSOLUT WATKINS bottle was created by celebrated Swedish fashion illustrator and artist, Liselotte Watkins, famous for her designs for fashion brands such as Miu Miu, Anna Sui and Barney’s as well as for magazines such as VOGUE and The New Yorker.”



Upcoming events really will burn a big hole in my pocket.. Headache now as i dunno should i give up some due to budget constraint.. Clashing of time of those events also another problem.. Upgrading course coming in May, miss this again and my promotion will be on hold. Holiday trip with besties also land on May.. Hopefully there will be a good solution to these. Dental and LASIK both ranging 2-3k each.. *ouch


Work sucks, fed up at stuff during work sucks even more.. Unhappy work related issue always surround us, how to avoid them?









What you think of the above comparison? Credits go to my sis & er.. left – normal comparison done few years back. right – recently comparing our constipated look.





Human changes personality, behavior, characteristic over time. Recently bought a book “The Lucifer Effect”, always interested in topic like these, hence when i came across this book in a bookstore i get hold of one copy.


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