Lady Gaga celebrating CNY with you~

Lady Gaga – Poker Face

awesome. this video really make my day. and for no reason, whenever i see the singer dancing and singing. it will remind mi of a bro that is currently working in the shift with mi. lol..

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will u keep quiet when u are being treated unfairly?

early morning being accuse of being culprit for not helping ‘them’ hit target.. do anything but accuse mi.. i will go into berserk mode.. and in the 1st place i am not in any fault.. i did my job.. error is not in me.. and ‘they” will confirm also no error. den who to blame? why sld i be held back after work to settle the shit..

i politely request that i will help to hit the target by my next working day but it was rejected!! i work a f****** long 15hours already, mentally n physically i am tired already, u all wan to do anything to mi at least be humane enough to leave it to my next working day?

i wanted to talk face to face to the ‘boss’ but he not around so i ‘bark’ around the whole office to everyone but what the use? they prolly see mi as a shag dog barking around to catch attention.

in the end of the day ‘they’ will still win no matter how i rant. error still is in mi, shit still have to be clean up by mi. so will u keep quiet if u are treated unfairly?

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human being

they will only remember about the bad things that u did.. good thing that u once shared with them are often forgotten.. am i mixing around with the wrong group or is it the problem all mankind?

i lend my stuff, i share my knowledge, wat i got back was things not returned, being taken granted for. i take these as a fee to learn about a person’s character. i didnt say doesnt mean i forget. u forgotten doesnt give u the right not to return…

i am also a normal man who will err. on a path to become a better man.. forgive and forget is easy to say but difficult to do.

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i am enjoying my touch

lol.. wat a perv title.. btw i am refering to my ipod touch..

after few days of experimenting my ipod touch and browsing the net. i found out the i can also make calls and have gps function using ipod touch. cool..

so wats so different from iphone.. nah.. some may say iphone is better.. but i dun need a camera tat often, i rarely make phone call, most of the place i go to have wifi..

i am sure my “touch” can “satisfy” me enough..

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going into hibernation mode.. do not disturb

according to the straits times yesterday…

Breaking News

No bonus for civil servants

‘We still maintain the principle that pay in civil service should be market-competitive.

It has served us well so far. We’ve been able to attract, retain and have a good civil service. (tats the case why is there a need for MDES?) So it is a principle we will follow.

Once the economic situation stabilises, we will return to examine the benchmarks and see what can be done.’

DPM Teo Chee Hean, who is also minister-in-charge of the civil service

APART from their regular 13th month wage supplement, civil servants will not be receiving any other bonus next month.

Read the full story in Friday’s edition of The Straits Times.

indeed a breaking news..

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Blog using ipod touch

Test test 123..

Ho ho ho..

This’s fun!!

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ipod touch

getting it tmr..

wats next?



canon ixus 200

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